Some news from the first semester…


News were scarce lately, and it is now time to summarize what happened during this last months (in fact … almost a year!) :

  • September 2016 : Lorraine joined the team  to work on the study of phagocytosis of functionnalized emulsion droplets.
  • November 2016 : Alexandra, who works for her PhD with Yong and Sandrine on an organ-on-a-chip project, started to spend some time at IPGG.
  • January 2017 : Kaori joined to work on a joint project with collaborators from IJPB-INRA AgroParisTech. Stay tuned for news to come 🙂
  • February 2017 : Léa started her M2 internship, and say what ? She will stay from 3 more years since she was selected for a UPMC IPV PhD scholarship. Her subject will be related to B cells, droplets and microfluidics.
  • June 2017 : I graduated for my Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches. Enfin ! From now on I can officially mentor PhD students, from the administrative point of view.
  • August 2017 : I’m currently hosted for 2 weeks at the Nomura lab (Tsukuba University, Japan) since our PRC Sakura grant to work together with my friend and collaborator Andy Utada was accepted. The grant will cover exchanges between his team and ours for 2017-2018 period.

OK, soon, summer vacations will start. And then la rentrée !

A bientôt.

N.B. Picture credits : U. Queensland, Australia




Back in 2001 – Les Houches – Séminaire Lavoisier

While wandering on the Internet, I came across this picture :


Back in January 2001, a winter school called Semaine Lavoisier was organized in Les Houches, for young people studying at the ESPCI and other schools from the neighbourhood (I don’t remember exactly… that was 15 years ago).

Of course, one can recognize Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, who was at that time still head of the ESPCI,  Jacques Duran and Etienne Guyon. Amongst all the students on the picture, some of them pursued in academia. You can see on the left Manuel Thery and  Damien Cuvelier, and myself on the extreme right .

I don’t fully remember all the topics that were taught during this week, but I remember we had a lecture from Patrick Tabeling (head of the MMN laboratory) on microfluidics, a lecture from Jean-Louis Viovy (head of the MMBM laboratory).
It is funny to notice that both of them are active members of the Institut Pierre-Gilles de Gennes (IPGG), to which we also belong with Damien.

Souvenirs souvenirs !

IPGG Official Opening Ceremony

Today, we had the official opening of the new institute, in presence of Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, Najat Vallaud-Belkacem and Thierry Mandon, ministers in charge of the Universities and the Research, and François Hollande, the French President. After a short visit of the laboratories, several speeches were given, emphasising the need for fundamental research and the need for long-lasting funding.

Official pictures and videos can be watched on the website of the French Presidency : [here]