Sandrine Quignard

Research :

2013- Now: ENS Agrégée-Préparatrice (AgPr)
Equivalent to Specially Appointed Assistant Professor

2012-2013 : DGA Postdoctoral fellowship
Human Nutrition Unit (Medical Research Coucil, UK, Cambridge)
– Effect of soluble vs. nanoparticulate silicon on skin fibroblasts proliferation and migration
– Stability of nanoparticulate Si in biological medium

2009-2012 : PhD
Laboratoire de Chimie de la matière Condensée de Paris
– Synthesis and characterisation of fluorescent silica nanoparticles
– Stability of silica NPs in biological conditions, modulation of dissolution by incorporation of disulfides moieties within silica core
– Internalisation, toxicity and long-term fate of silica NPs in human dermal fibroblasts
– Diffusion of silica NPs across cellularized collagen hydrogels and interactions with entrapped fibroblasts

Academic Track:
2009-2012 : PhD in Chemistry UPMC (Paris, France)
2008-2009 : Master in Bioorganic and Bioinorganic chemistry ENS Cachan – Paris XI (Paris, France)
2007-2008 : Agrégation of Chemistry ENS Cachan ( France)
2005-2009 : Magistere Physico-Chemistry ENS Cachan ( France)