Engineer/Postdoc and M2 positions available

We are currently recruiting for projects taking place at IPGG : an engineer or postdoc to work on an applied interdisciplinary project to develop a new method to purify cells and organelles using homemade functionalized microparticles. The project involves the Institut Curie (Pablo Vargas, for immunology and cell biology) and the Pôle Microfluidique of the … Lire la suite Engineer/Postdoc and M2 positions available


Back in 2001 – Les Houches – Séminaire Lavoisier

While wandering on the Internet, I came across this picture : Back in January 2001, a winter school called Semaine Lavoisier was organized in Les Houches, for young people studying at the ESPCI and other schools from the neighbourhood (I don't remember exactly... that was 15 years ago). Of course, one can recognize Pierre-Gilles de Gennes, … Lire la suite Back in 2001 – Les Houches – Séminaire Lavoisier

Microfluidics lab class (Fall 2015, some pictures)

We organised, for UPMC master students (5C809 teaching unit), three days of lab classes dedicated to PDMS micro-fabrication and some basic microfluidics concepts (mixing fluids at the micron scale, droplet generation, etc.). The lab class took place in the IPGG, in a room specifically dedicated to experimental teachings. The room is also used from time to time … Lire la suite Microfluidics lab class (Fall 2015, some pictures)